Who is ikcawon?

I am an amateur photographer.
I really don't remember when I realized that I love female legs and feet... 
I remember one story - I was very young - about 2 years old or younger - I was walking with my father and we met my sister's friend - a very nice girl called Malwina.  
I can remember she had flip-flops on her barefeet...  I was looking at her feet...    I couldn't stop looking ...
When we were back home I said to my father: "Malwina has nice feet"
"Why feet ?" - asked my father.
"Because I like feet !" I answered...
In May 1997  I started my free page at Geocities server. After nearly 5 years my website was deleted without reason. I never got an explanation why...
I am waiting for your e-mails, suggestions and critical notes.
I read all e-mails but sometimes I am too busy to answer every e-mail. Please excuse me...

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nyloned feet

nyloned feet

nyloned feet